Support the homeless passport

we are looking at providing the street people of Southend with a passport.

the passport will prove that the  person holding it is a genuine street person,

In turn will enable the guys to get food, drink, even haircuts.

the public can donate in the relevant shops that are signed up into the scheme.

this will suspend the item on offer.

street person can then produce the passport to obtain the item,

how will this work.

the public  will see this poster below,



This will show the shop has pledged to support the street people.

The public will then be able to enter the shop donate money. this purchases the item the shop had pledged to give, They will leave the item there.(Suspended items).

This will then be giving to a street person who produces their passport.

We are hoping that shops and businesses in Southend and surrounding areas will all join this scheme.

We think the homeless will benefit better from donated items rather than cash,

the passport will also prove that the homeless person is a genuine Street person and your hard earned money will be going to relive the stress of finding their next meal or drink.


In turn will also help get rid of the aggressive beggars that are all over Southend.

the icons can also be displayed in shops that are happy for street people to use their facility’s

we have a pledge icon on this website that will show shops that have signed up to this scheme.

any shop or business can offer to pledge.

such as a shower,reading the paper, use a computer.

A place to rest,

the list is endless.

Please please if you own a business or  a shop. Help support us and the street people of Southend,

we offer a vinyl stickers for a small cost.

help us to help them……………