step by step the shelter bus,

                       The best gift in life – is a new start, step by step…….. 


The Bus shelter  Project

we are converting a double decker bus, putting 16-18 pods for a good nights sleep on the upper deck, they will have a curtain to keep the privacy of every guest,

the lower deck will have a seated area and a kitchen, a trailer that will have a shower and toilet.

this will be the first step for the guest,

a good nights sleep feeling safe and cared for will lead onto.

a rehabilitation program for homelessness in Southend-on-sea, Essex.
It is based on the idea that every human being needs to be part of society and can contribute with their own gifts, talents and ideas.
The Step by step bus shelter wants to offer not only a place to live for people who are homeless but also a place to work and exchange.
The main problem why people do not recover from living on the street even when they are housed is that they do not have a purpose in their lives. The second chance hotel would like to fill that gap and offer housing but also a place to work and learn.

Our Aim:

To offer accommodation for rough sleepers in exchange for work (depending on their abilities, interests and faculties) – this can include gardening, woodwork, building,cooking.

to try and inhance a skill they may have had in the passed,

or to introduce a new one they have been wanting to have but never given the chance.


we are also hoping to open a cafe and also a workshop we want to create to refurbish furniture. This can be sold in a charity shop.


Our plan:

We will help to introduce the homeless person back into a routine,

to help them gain a skill that will in turn give them a reason to carry it on.

To fill the gap that is in their everyday life.

this inturn will lead to them being able to have a home and sustain a new independace.

We will be able to garentee the person we help will get 100% support throughout their stay.

We will also run a campaign called “Become a Guardian Angel” – which offers individual support for homeless people in Southend-on-sea. Based on a monthly fixed donations

What can you do to help:

we will need company’s to give the guys who stay on the bus a job,

this will again be unpaid for the first few weeks, can be on your building site, doing gardening. Cooking, washing up. Cutting hair sweeping the floor…………………….. The list is endless.

then if they are good and committed to be a part of their work force. We all need a helping hand.


We welcome any form of support, ideas, advice and help if you would like to see this coming alive in Southend-on-sea.

Please get in touch with us via