The Homeless Street Hub was founded by Jo Bates in October 2015 after she worked with several other soup kitchens and realized that other days of the week were need to feed and look after the homeless in Southend.

Jo Bates organized a meeting with her friend and within days the homeless hub was born.
The Homeless Street Hub started with a Wednesday evening in the local car park with a handful of people.

Today the Homeless Street Hub provides their services for more than 35 people in Southend.

Because the numbers and demand increased they decided to add a Tuesday. Suddenly they had a lot of people jumping on board to help so it felt like as this would be welcomed with another night included.

The Homeless Street Hub is proud to say today that they around 15 volunteers that stand in the cold car park week after week.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am interested in finding out more about assisting to feed the homeless on occasional evenings, christmas eve and day etc…

    Can someone please contact me for a chat as not on Facebook.

    Thank you in advance


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